FiSIAQ 30 years

Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (Sisäilmayhdistys) 30 years

The 30-year-old Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate emphasises research and cooperation

Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2020. The anniversary year started off with the annual Indoor Climate Conference and a special anniversary gala night. The conference was participated by 1,300 indoor air professionals, while the gala brought together a large number of distinguished people and long-term partners who have played key roles over the years.

The association was established in the autumn of 1990 with the task of organizing the International Indoor Air 1993 Conference in Helsinki. Since the successful event, the association has been a trailblazer in the industry – its list of achievements ranges from indoor climate ratimgs to material emission classifications and cleanliness taxonomies. The material emission classification was recognised already in 2007 in EN standard.

Characteristically, the association always involves a group of experts from many organisations to maintain impartiality in the work.


World largest conference on indoor air quality and climate 

Key programme in this year’s Indoor Climate Conference included more than sixty keynotes and presentations. The topics varied from microbe research and chemical impurities to indoor air quality verification and risk assessment as well as ventilation solutions and development. Exhibition consisting of 80 companies also gives tools to everyday work of many indoor environment specialists participating the conference.

If we pick one among the dozens of interesting speakers, Professor Juha Pekkanen talked to a tight-packed room about indoor air risk assessment. His message was clear: “Instead of only underlining the risks, we should help people understand and proportion risks related to indoor air. 

The conference has been organised annually in Finland since 1987 and, from the very beginning, it has brought together a wide array of experts – scientists, technology companies, designers and authorities. “The concept has been the same from the start ­– we invite professionals from different backgrounds to meet, discuss and share their ideas. This way, year after year, the conference is building an ecosystem of indoor air visionaries,” says Mervi Ahola, Executive Director of the Finnish Indoor Air Association.

This year, the conference hosted a record audience even though the looming coronavirus caused a couple of hundred cancellations.

Research and cooperation across the board

In his speech, Risto Kosonen, Chairman of the association, emphasized the multidisciplinary nature of indoor air work and the importance of cooperation within the industry. “Our operations have always been based on impartiality, researched knowledge and multidisciplinary approach. The association has become an internationally unique social innovation. We have built links between researchers, authorities, educational institutions as well as companies to discuss, influence and develop things together,” Risto Kosonen stated.

Risto Kosonen also emphasized the importance of research funding. "To operate in the international community requires our own cutting-edge research and adequate funding."


Prof. Olli Seppänen

In his turn, Professor emeritus Olli Seppänen described the history of the association and the development of indoor air research in Finland in its speech. He also called for attention to the large number of distinguished researchers who have worked on indoor air issues in Finland over the decades. Olli Seppänen was the first president of the Finnish association, and the second president of ISIAQ.

ISIAQ, the international organization for indoor air organisations, appreciates the Finnish Indoor Air Association’s pioneering role in the field. "We particularly appreciate the contribution of the association in publishing guidelines on indoor air, in classifying building materials and indoor air quality, and in the systematic dissemination of information through conferences and workshops," says Marzenna Dudzinska, President of ISIAQ.

Finnish Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate is a one of the four professional  member associations of FINVAC, representing more than 6000 professionals in Finland. FINVAC has been an active member of international organisations  like REHVA and SCANVAC. 


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